Athena: Nightwatch is a combination of data manipulation tools, techniques, and structures for computers to understand humane models of cognition and emotion. The technical implementation of the data structure resembles the way human brain processes and stores data for further knowledge extraction and interpretation.  

  • About "DotWave"
  • Since the academic scope of this project and its data analysis approaches are mainly unexplored, we decided to build every element in our analytical toolkit from the ground up. The main task in that endeavor involved inventing an all-new programming language (DotWave), which not only simplified the data mining and manipulation tasks, but also allowed for the creation of a pipelined toolkit that is eventually able to articulate sophisticated models of humane emotions and temporally-related events which are interconnected through cause-and-effect relationships.  

  • How can the project lead to cultural progress?
  • The project is the starting point for a potential global initiative I would like to call "Refined View". Through this project, I am aiming to redefine a set of fundamental unquestioned communicative elements in everyday use (e.g. subjective language, interpretation methods, etc.) in order to create a new form of standard for global understanding among humans. Athena is a work in progress. This project will be updated accordingly.  

    Watch the videos below to get to know the project.

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