Thinking why stories start in the morning

‘Cause my morning starts with a night darling

My people may not always be loving

Yeah, it might not be your rhyme to sing


Lately I’ve got feeling for the most basic stuff

So, everyone thinks these matters are so tough?

I’ve got a feeling I’ve been trained stuff

Huge matters as big as my life


Doesn’t really matter if it (the song) makes a few (things) go awry.

‘Cause I think my whole life’s been a lie.

It’s about the facts and my basic tact

And what my life’s lacked and love’s not a fact.


Don’t remember signing a deal

Sorry, was it before I hit the cradle?

So, let’s talk the situation and cut to the rhyme

That with the life’s unpaid dept we gotta feel fine?


This whole thing’s the life we’ve learned

Was it even like this if the world’d turned?

The same were the things we’d all have gained

Or the feeling we get after a day’d fully rained


So I’m gonna take this feeling out if I can

But it’s raining there, hard to get a tan


Got the light under my skin, gonna shine it into one’s life

Who might appreciate it before I’d arrive

I look at the bright stars above


No matter how bright the world, it looks down

So, take my hand I’ll show you ‘round the town