Here’s a brand new song I just finished writing. It took about an hour to write it. Hope you all enjoy it!

Running from September to the June moon light, after all the already-sought!

Where my ball is throwing the sun is glowing, and the fresh air keeps

blowing, life can’t get better than that! 

Cuz the life there is nice like that

Even to a white little cat.


But if you’re asking what I do here, I’m still wondering hard to see

If I’m the one others like me to be

Come take a walk with me!

Come take a walk, see the difference

Ya that’s right you never know if their friend or foe

And your legs get tired of all the fence laying low

Yeah, the life ain’t always seem kind

But I know we’ll be fine.

Come take a walk see the walls come down more like a ruined town!

(see) when I’m the one saying right and them always letting me down

Come see how the dark holds me tight

It all seems more like a fight

But there is no sudden flashing light

I guess every once in a while “was it where I wanted to be took?”

Yeah, guess I need that country look,

Need you to get me again that sun-kissed tan,

No beer cans or any wireless lans

Let’s get together and rock those combat boots

Unlike those jocks, nerds or trendy dudes

Get some life back in life and forget about time

Cuz the life ain’t kind

I know we’ll be fine.