This is the latest song I’ve written. It’s called “Unwanted Home”.

Personal note on the content of this song: The song is actually very personal. It reflects my own feelings. It’s all come from my heart and I hope you enjoy it.

It’s about a boy who’s been kind of locked inside a home, which now seems to him more like a cage that he wants to flee from. He’s been kind of depressed and gets cold-feet frequently. He’s seeking a way to get to two girls who have been his friends from another country (the girls actually represent the people of the other country). One night the natural elements and even animals come together to help him scape and get to his loved ones. While he gets ready and running away he realizes the fact that the whole process has taken a long time and that it’s not always about reaching the goal, but reaching it on time, so you can be thankful for it’s rescue. – Please don’t read the parts in parenthesis. They’re there only to make sure the sentence is grammatically correct and that you can understand them.

Breaks and gears —- So that’s how my heart glooms

As fireflies light up the engine

it’s all thunder and wet rain

but it’s fuel – gonna get us on the main lane

Do you feel the breeze as it starts to blow?

It’s one of the nights (when) you lay low

And tell yourself you don’t ever wanna grow

But this one’s (breeze) from the loved ones

My mind races faster than my PC runs

There’s an underwater fair to find the missing wheel

Looks like they found it before my fate makes a deal

My home’s never been here —- it’s so unseen

This is rather where I disappear

I know it hasn’t any lights

(It) Keeps me from all the dark evening tides

As I’m waving goodbye, I imagine dreaming is overrated

‘Cause I see you every night – in the low light

But I have to open the window and jump

Just to get you in my arms

So tell me darling why I always feel alone

If this is what I should call home

‘Cause now I don’t feel if it’s dusk or the dawn

‘Cause our time together has never been enough

Now I’ll make a break from all the loan (loneliness)

So I’ll see you in my home town

As I’m waving goodbye I set the gas at a fairly good speed

This is my last trip indeed

Home is far ahead – And I don’t mind if I’m dead

After a short stop I’ll screech – So I’ll be out of reach

My home’s never been there, I think dreaming is overrated

‘Cause any aim in my life is (getting) belated

As I’m waving goodbye I’ll fall off the bridge – Spread out my wings and fly

And we’ll cuddle at a fine summer night…